• Infrastructure

    The infrastructure of Africa has been expanding at a staggering rate of 17% annually. The expansion of infrastructure has drawn investors and businesses from around the globe.

    Mavah has been in the forefront of infrastructure development in Uganda, Angola, and other African countries. Our initiatives improved the flow of commodities and increased demand for services in the region. Contact us to understand how you may participate in the expanding infrastructure industry in Africa.

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  • Security documents

    For local economies to thrive, the African population needs to feel safe to work and travel between states. With proper security measures in place, more businesses and individuals can have more freedom to make use of e-commerce, tourism, logistics and trade.

    Mavah has successfully implemented a security document project in Angola, providing better security and border control service to its citizens. Learn more about our activities in the security document sector and do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding the process and implementation.

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  • ICT

    The ICT sector has been a strong driver of African countries' domestic growth of GDP. Many African governments identify ICT as a major catalyst of sustained social and economic development.

    We identified an increased demand for ICT and mobile investments in the region and are set to connect you with local governments and companies to improve connectivity across the continent.

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  • Logistics

    Through our partnerships, Mavah specializes in addressing challenging environmental conditions and delivering effective solutions to optimize logistics operations (harbours, airports or boarder control).
    We achieve this by streamlining and modernizing the infrastructure, providing technical and financial support.

    Our services encompass overseeing the supply chain, transportation, management, and financial aspects to ensure seamless operation.

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  • Agribusiness

    The agribusiness sector in Africa contributes for 30% of national earnings and is projected to reach $1 trillion by 2030. The continent is the world's leading producer of items such as cocoa, vanilla, coffee, fruits, and more.

    With the most arable land in the world, this market demands the experience of our team and partners to reach and achieve success. Mavah is ready to assist you in developing a profitable and sustainable African agriculture business. We will connect you to the right partners and assist you in defining and achieving your agricultural goals.

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